Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Pageant: Finale

Hello everyone,

It's been nearly a full year since Wes Mantooth and I released our extremely long collaboration, The Pageant. If you don't know what this is, please please please go check it out here in order before continuing. For the rest of you, you probably already know that there was a voting period to choose the results of The Pageant, but no caps produced to reflect these results. This coincided with Wes' disappearance from the captioning scene and resulted in my inability/unwillingness to produce the final caps without his support. However, this loose end has been gnawing at me for some time, and so I've decided to put a bow on it now.

So how did this come about? Unfortunately, I have not been able to get in touch with Wes, so the work here is my own. I managed to recreate the general format he established, found some new images on my own, and wrote the stories and formatted that caps according to my vision. I also decided to take a snapshot of the poll shortly after in closed, which turned out to be a good thing as the poll currently on Wes' site have slowly been losing votes and is inaccurate. Thus, the order of results for the 10 contestants is accurate and the caps look pretty similar to how they were before. HOWEVER - my editing skills are not as crisp as Wes' and there may be inconsistencies in positioning of text location and font from caps to cap. Additionally, since it's been such a long time since I've worked with the series, my sense of the personalities and future for each contestant has diminished - moreover, five of the characters were done by Wes, so the dialogue and details for them may be a little different. With all of that said, I was pleased with how a lot of these caps turned out, and honestly I think everyone can agree that some finale extremely late is better than none at all.

Finally, the last thing I want to say is thank you to those who supported this series. This starts of course with Wes, who was my partner throughout the process and who I am so grateful to have gotten to work with even if we weren't able to end together. But it extends to each and every viewer who looked at or commented on this series. It was incredible to see 962 votes in the poll for this and was touching to see comments from people on the final post talking about how they come back looking for more with some frequency - this conclusion goes out to you. But I also encourage those captioners who might be interested in producing their own conclusions to go at it! Write about what happens to your favorite character, who you thought should have won, or something else! I still check my email occasionally and have been running a biweekly contest on my contest site for the past few months - I'd love to see questions, comments, or completed caps from people who loved this series as much as I did.

Love always,
Elena Starz

9th Place: Andi Analuvar (25 votes, 2.60%)

8th Place: Danni Darkli (31 votes, 3.22%)

7th Place: Lexi Loose (37 votes, 3.84%)

6th Place: Jessi Jailbait (52 votes, 5.40%)

5th Place: Jerri Jiggles (87 votes, 9.04%)

4th Place: Ricki Trikturner (121 votes, 12.58%)

3rd Place: Vicki Trikturner (124 votes, 12.89%)

2nd Place: Stevi Sweethart (185 votes, 19.23%)

1st Place: Terri Tinidik (280 votes, 29.10%)