Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ideas Archive Part 1

Hi everyone! So I'm posting some items from my "Ideas Archive", which is basically the place I gather concepts for caps that I want to do but didn't complete, in the hopes that it may inspire someone else! Each item comes with an image below which I have a simple concept that would form the basis of the cap (it's literally what I wrote down to help me remember my idea) and will also have an "additional details" section that I've added to help explain how I would envision the cap. I fully encourage any/all attempts to caption these images in a fashion similar to how I intended or in a new way I haven't thought of!

(Father scared for two sissy sons and going to party)
Additional Details: With two sons looking as sexy as this, what white dad wouldn't be worried about his namesakes getting fucked raw by BBC? Maybe also add some assurances from sons that "everything will be okay" to add to the naughty ending.

(Dad turned sissy MILF either tries to take selfie on son's phone or accidentally emails photos to son)
Additional Details: This was going to be a Sisstigram Caption...feel free to take that angle if you want.

(Perfect housesissy/outfit - sexy high heels, apron, bow...easy of access)
Additional Details: Could be interesting from the point of view of a willing housesissy describing his outfit.

(Bobbi waiting for boy greets him and starts to penetrate him...Trevor shows up finally)
Additional Details: A cap for Wes based on his characters initially...but any case with a wimpy white boyfriend watching his sissy "girlfriend" getting nailed would work.

(Whites below blacks)
Additional Details: Picture shows it all...perhaps a strong white power leader ends up on a widely distributed videotape admitting that whites are beneath big strong black men?

(Pleading that he may look different, but he's not a BBC cockslut...don't make him do that!)
Additional Details: All about the dialogue and how desperate you can make it. Is this boi going to make excuses? Offer something else in return?

(Sissy enjoys serenity/peace and quiet from constant black attention. Likes dress, hair, makeup...starts imagining sexual things that would be done to him as a result (especially from dress squeezing butt/inching up his crack) and serenity of moment broken when he spurts sissy cum at thoughts)
Additional Details: All about the sensual descriptions of his appearance leading to the explosive ending.

(Beiber feminized by Usher - goes on tour now but only sings "Baby, Baby. oh baby!" to black men fucking him)
Additional Details: Another Pop Culture cap - main idea is simple as picture is perfect.

(Daddy out for cock)
Additional Details: A bit of a vague description - is this a MILF who's waited for son to go off to college before living life as BBC? Maybe divorced wife to live true calling? Or perhaps fully femme MILF who just loves looking like this? Lots of possibilities!

(Super horny...can't stop thinking about BBC)
Additional Details: This one is all about internal monologue and how it cuts in an out to sexual things. Plenty of moaning and whimpering should be included :)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Role Model

The last cap I have for you all - kind of inspired by my Sisstigram cap, but the tone is a bit different.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Family Tradition

This is the second-to-last cap I have left, so expect the week of caps to end tomorrow.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

FairyTale Princess: Sleeping Sissy

This was actually a cap I made over six months ago that I never posted because I was hoping to turn this into a theme with other caps like Cindersissy, Sissy and the Beast, White Sissy and the Seven Black Men, etc. Unfortunately I didn't find inspiration to do any others since this first one, so you're getting this now.

Monday, July 13, 2015


As you may know if you read Elena's site recently, I'll be posting the remaining caps I have in storage for the next week. Here is the first of seven I have for you!